In the first post of this series, we have focused more on the theory and technical background behind the multi-language Magento2 store.  Now, we will create Magento 2 store with additional French language. The first thing is to go to the administration and make a new store view. Before proceeding, please refer to the document, where the difference between store view, store and website is given,  Old but still relevant,

Go to the store inside Magento 2 Admin – Configuration – all stores and please follow the steps and  create new store view.

You need to prepare some basic information about the store.

After saving, we will have 2 store views named English (default store) and new  French store.

After that go to the store – configuration, and now note the store “scops”, the store view needs to match the language you want to edit.

Now the desired country can be changed in French, Belgium.

The next important thing is locale, here you need to choose which language store will speak, based on the language pack we will install.

So now we have the switch to the store on the frontend.

So, the next thing is to install a language pack.I will use one downloaded from github. Now, there are 2 most common installation approaches. First one is to use a composer. It is recommended, because in the feature it will have the updated word with the new version of Magento, but I prefer to download and install the language pack for the most obvious reason – a language pack will not cover all the phrases And you have to manually add something or replace the current one.So I will install the French language pack manually:-).

After downloading the language pack, copy it inside the Magento app directory, create a new folder i18n, create a named folder on the vendor, and finally create a folder using the store language code, in our case this is FR_fr.

So, the path will look like this:


The next step after copying files is to flush the Magento cache.

Now the general terms like translation, log in, register, newsletter etc. will be translated into the French language store on the frontend switch. Please note that this is Magento with sample data, you need to translate all the materials to translate stable blocks into French language. Apart from this there is also the option to create a separate homepage and add different content for each store view.


I hope this small “walktrough” business is enough to start expanding and include customers with Magento2 in different languages.