Even a creative idea with great potential in the market can fail if you don’t have a proper website to represent . Select Perfect E-commerce app Development Company is an critical decision for a business. From designs to details and from features to the product display, your e-commerce site is more like your shop from where you can sell your product.

Selecting perfect development company for your website is not a easy task as it seems. Creating or developing a website looks like building a house – I think, you will be displeased if your home crashes down, as low-educated specialists used wrong materials to build the foundation for it, that’s why it’s quite important to know what each agency can provide you and your business with.

Here are some points that you need to keep in mind while selecting perfect website development company one:

Expertise and Portfolio:

One of the important factor before choosing your right website development company is checking their portfolio with similar projects completion record. Once you see that they have good record of developing similar projects then, you should also look for testimonials. As extra step you can also speak with their existing clients which would give you accurate information to take decision.

Development Strategy

Your website development company should have an well versed development process which should isolate stages like design, functionality development, unit testing, integration testing, deployment etc. To get more clarity on the same just have an discussion on their development process, it would help you to get more clarity on what is going behind the scene and at what all stages you would be able to track progress.

E-commerce website development strategy

Client-Developer Interaction

This is critically important to directly interact with developers and convey exact expectations specially in terms of quality and design. While tracking progress of the project any time if you find there is a gap between your expectation and final output then need to closely communicate with developer to avoid time and money wastage.

Timeframes and Deadlines

When you discuss timeline for your website please consider below points

  • Requirement gathering time
  • User Interface and user In-traction design estimation
  • Time to complete functionality
  • Types of testing involved while development
  • Time for Data migration or upload(products and images)
  • Time for User Acceptance testing            
  • Exact date for Launch

You must keep in mind that you should have minimum 15-20 days of time in buffer once website development company handover your website “Exact date for Launch”.

Fluctuation in these timelines might directly hit your business, your invested money for website launch and marketing. So eventually you have to be very strict about timeline with website development company.

While you select Perfect E-commerce app Development Company, below three points(A,B and C) provides you strong hold on your product:

A. Reference website: For an easy estimation for your project and avoid misunderstanding just pick an website from internet which would be similar to what you are looking for, however don’t forget to convey the differences to website development company.

B. Scale-up capability:

 Just a step ahead discuss your business future vision with website development company, which would enable them to think future expansion of website and accordingly  they can suggest you scalable architecture which can be upgraded in future.

C. Right Technology:

Decide right technology platform for your product. As per your project size and features you require:

  1. Magento 2
  2. Opencart
  3. Shopify
  4. WooCommerce
  5. PrestaShop
  6. Zen Cart

Cost Estimation

When it comes to cost make sure you should get what you pay for, if you are going behind lower than market cost, then there is a probability that you will end up with low quality product and full of bugs which can eventually cost you business loss. Just be ready to pay right cost for your product once you are confident enough with the development company with all criteria.

Maintaince, Support & Enhancement

As the project goes live real challenge starts, so you need check with your development company about support hours and support packages offered by them . 24×7 Support is an basic requirement, immediate backup/restore support and developer support to fix production bugs.   There should be an easy scope to upgrade/enhance existing feature with reasonable cost.

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